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Many women and infants are eligible for Medicaid – a government program to provide health care to low income individuals and families.



Medicaid eligibility rules, suspended in 2020, will return to pre-pandemic requirements soon. Current recipients should log into their ACCESS account where they initially applied as soon as possible and ensure their address and other information is up to date. You will be receiving important information from Medicaid by mail regarding your future eligibility which you must respond to quickly or your Medicaid eligibility will be terminated. This process is called redetermination and will be happening in March and April. Should you no longer be eligible for Medicaid following redetermination, there may be other Health Care options available to you.

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Make Sure Your Contact Information is Up To Date!

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Applications to apply for Medicaid can be submitted on the Florida Department of Children and Families website. If you are determined to be eligible for Medicaid services, you will be assigned a health plan who will manage your care. Should you be unable to locate a prenatal and/or pediatric provider who accepts the health plan you have been assigned, you should contact Florida Choice Counseling at 877-711-3662 or the Florida Medicaid Managed Care website for assistance. The links and brochures below may provide additional information about your assigned plan or help you in choosing a different plan. If you are having trouble navigating the system or obtaining Medicaid prenatal care and would like assistance, please call our partners at the Healthy Start program of the Monroe County Health Department. You may reach the Program Coordinator at 305-676-3841

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