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The Florida Keys Healthy Start Coalition has programs for women, children, and families throughout the Florida Keys. 

Kids in Preschool
Healthy Start

The Healthy Start program is a free program providing moms, newborns, and their families with resources and support to have a healthy pregnancy through baby's first years. 


Services we provide:

  • Pregnancy support

  • Childbirth education

  • Breastfeeding education and

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Family planning 

  • Flagship Program/Partnership with Monroe County & Florida Department of Health

Click here to view our Healthy Start Page.

Healthy Babies

Healthy Babies is a program providing prenatal care to uninsured and underinsured pregnant women, as well as providing individual and family counseling session. ​


Services we provide:

  • Prenatal care

  • Transportation services

  • Nutrition support; Child Birth and Breastfeeding Education classes

  • Mental health services (PMAD)

Click here to view our Healthy Babies Page.

Keys to Growing Kids

Keys to Growing Kids facilitates family health and education workshops, developmental playgroups, and breastfeeding support groups throughout the Florida Keys. 


Programs we offer:

  • Tot Time (0-5 years of age)

  • Wiggles and Giggles (1-4 years of age)

Click here to view Keys to Growing Kids Page.

Kids Playing with Lego
Keys to Kids' Safety

Keys to Kids Safety empowers parents and caregivers to raise children in a safe environment by providing education, support, and safety supplies. 


Services we provide:

  • Car seat inspection/installation

  • Low cost car seats

  • Bicycle helmet fittings

  • Home, pool, and water safety events

  • Family education events

  • Cribs and other safety equipment

Click Here to view our Keys to Kids Safety Page.

Baby Room
Keys to Supporting Families

Keys to Supporting Families is our newest program, addressing client assistance and nutrition support with baby supplies such as diapers, strollers, formula, and baby food. Through provision of items/supplies we are able teach families about their proper use and allow their finite resources to be used to cover other costs and needs. We are working to add Adopt A Grandparent (intergenerational mentorship) and Parent Coaching programs.

Because of our expertise, we know what families may need and can help them navigate all the “baby stuff” being marketed to them.   Through our partnerships with WIC, local food pantries/distribution sites, and other agencies working on food security, FKHSC has become the “go-to” agency for food assistance for pregnant women and infants.  The Coalition provides specialty formulas, breastfeeding support, and as needed additional nutritional support. 

Our team began providing contactless delivery service because of COVID-19 to ensure families could get the supplies they needed without having to risk exposure to themselves or their children.

Please click here to request diapers or other baby supplies.

Click here to view our Keys to Supporting Families page.

Keys to Hope

We are actively developing our Keys To Hope program to provide support to parents and families who have experienced the loss of a pregnancy, baby, or child.


At this time, we are able to offer help from a certified mental health professional that is ready to walk beside you through this journey.

Click here to request help.

Click here to view our Keys to Hope Page.


Interested in sharing your time or talents in our programs? Take a look at our Get Involved! page to find the perfect volunteer opportunity for you!

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