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Mother Baby Bonding


Every woman's journey to motherhood is different, but one of the first decisions a new mom makes is how to feed her child. When you choose to breastfeed, you make an investment in your baby's future. Breastfeeding allows you to make the food that is perfect for your baby. Your milk gives your baby the healthy start that will last a lifetime. Breastfeeding protects your baby, benefits your health, and can make your life easier.

Need Help and Support?

Florida Keys Healthy Start Coalition offers Breastfeeding Education Classes!


Learn how you and your family can feel confident, empowered, and prepared for your breastfeeding experience. While breastfeeding is a natural part of having a child, the art of latching the baby onto the breast is learned. Whatever your goals are for breastfeeding, this class can help you be prepared to meet them. All of our Breastfeeding Education Classes are taught by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

Class Topics Include:

  • Rooming in with baby

  • Breastfeeding positions

  • The breast crawl

  • Delaying the first bath

  • Establishing & maintaining milk supply

  • Hunger cues

  • How to know if baby is getting enough

  • Common challenges and how to overcome them

  • Getting dad and family involved

  • Bottle and pacifier use, what is best?

  • And so much more!

To sign up for our next class, head over to our registration page.

Certified Lactation Consultants in Monroe County


Alanna Dixon, MA, IBCLC, RLC
Upper Keys Lactation
Upper Keys Lactation Facebook Page

Angelica Mendaros, IBCLC

Lactation Consultant


FKHSC is not endorsing the services of any person in this list; we are merely sharing resources.

FKHSC Breast Pump Program


Healthy Start clients have access to breastfeeding support and resources through the Healthy Start program. Commercial grade breast pumps are available to the community at large, with the purchase of the breast pump kit, as pumps are available. Call 305-809-5654 for more information.

Affordable Care Act and Breastfeeding


The Affordable Care Act has made breastfeeding more accessible and affordable for women. Unfortunately, many women are not aware that their insurer may cover breastfeeding supplies. The National Women's Law Center has produced a booklet that explains, in general, what benefits may be available to breastfeeding women. 

Click here to read the booklet.

Medela Recycles Program Supports Ronald McDonald House


Medela Recycles is a program focused on helping moms who have finished their breastfeeding journey to help another mom start hers. Each pump received through Medela Recycles supports the donation of new hospital-grade, multi-use breast pumps, and supplies to Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®). The goal is to provide moms with the same high-quality equipment they use at the hospital during their stay at a Ronald McDonald House.

Only Medela electric breast pumps are eligible for the Medela Recycles program. If you have another breast pump brand, please contact the manufacturer to discuss their disposal instructions. Visit the Medela Recycles website for more details.  

Breastpumps Through Insurance

Aeroflow Program

  • Provide your insurance information

  • They verify your coverage and submit all required paperwork on your behalf

  • Choose from the curated breast pumps, maternity compression and postpartum recovery items covered by your insurance. They are shipped to you for free.


Fill out the qualification form here.

Businesses in Monroe County that are Family-Friendly

Interested in what businesses in Monroe county have taken initiative to being Family-Friendly? We have a page dedicated to these wonderful business who have committed themselves to support breastfeeding and pumping mothers in the workplace.

Other Helpful Links

WIC Breastfeeding Support - See how pumping can help you meet your breastfeeding goals. -summary of how breastfeeding can benefit your baby and you.  

KellyMom - provides support & evidence-based information on breastfeeding, sleep and parenting from an IBCLC. 

La Leche League International - helps mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education, and more.

MotherToBaby - the nation’s leading authority and most trusted source of evidence-based information on the safety of medications and other exposures during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Global Health Initiative - helpful "how to" breastfeeding videos.

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