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Keys to Supporting Families

Keys to Supporting Families addresses client assistance and nutrition support with baby supplies such as diapers, strollers, formula, and baby food. Through provision of items/supplies we are able teach families about their proper use and allow their finite resources to be used to cover other costs and needs. We are working to add Adopt A Grandparent (intergenerational mentorship) and Parent Coaching programs.

Because of our expertise, we know what families may need and can help them navigate all the “baby stuff” being marketed to them. Through our partnerships with WIC, local food pantries/distribution sites, and other agencies working on food security, FKHSC has become the “go-to” agency for food assistance for pregnant women and infants.  The Coalition provides specialty formulas, breastfeeding support, and as needed additional nutritional support. 

Our team began providing contactless delivery service because of COVID-19 to ensure families could get the supplies they needed without having to risk exposure to themselves or their children.

Please click here to request diapers or other baby supplies.

Why Keys to Supporting Families Matters:

During our financial year of 2020-2021, we supplied struggling families with 73,397 diapers and 12,320 wipes. We also provided other needed items such as strollers, pack and plays for safe sleep, crib sheets, baby bath tubs, clothes, toys and other items. In partnership with local food pantries and distribution sites, FKHSC became the go-to agency for formula and baby food, providing nutritional support to families in the Keys.

Did you know?

A majority of families receiving diapers have jobs but are just in acute need of support?
Find out more about the social and economic impacts of diaper assistance in Florida.
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The Miami Diaper Bank partners with the Florida Keys Healthy Start Coalition to provide diapers for Monroe County families in need.

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