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2nd Trimester

You've made it past the morning sickness and fatigue (or you will be soon)! Read on to see what the 2nd trimester has in store for you.

Prenatal Workout

What to Expect During Your Second Trimester

  • The second trimester lasts from week 14 to week 27.

  • Many women report feeling a lot more energy than the 1st trimester, weight gain, heartburn, constipation, food cravings, food aversions, leg cramps, and swollen ankles.

  • Your baby's digestive system is almost fully formed if it isn't already. Baby’s skin is now covered in lanugo (a downy “fur coat” that keeps him or her warm until he or she builds up more fat in the third trimester). Get ready to feel your baby punch and kick!

Second Trimester To-Do List

  • Schedule a level two ultrasound.

  • Get your glucose screening.

  • If you have certain risk factors ask your doctor about prenatal genetic testing.

  • Shop for maternity clothes. If you need help getting these items please request what you need here. We get donated items in regularly. If something isn't available right away we will let you know when it is.

  • Think about where you would like to give birth. Hospital? Birthing Center? At Home?

  • Keeping eating healthy and staying active!

Signs to Watch out For

  • Heavy vaginal bleeding

  • Severe abdominal pain

  • Fever over 101.5

  • Gestational diabetes signs

    • extreme thirst

    • frequent & copious urination

    • extreme fatigue & snoring

  • Preeclampsia signs:

    • severe headache

    • sudden weight gain​

    • swelling in face and hands

    • vision changes

How Much Weight Should you Gain During Pregnancy?

healthy weight gain graphic.png
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