Pregnant Woman

Healthy Start

Healthy Start is a free, non-income based program of services, provided in partnership with the Monroe County Health Department, intended to help women and their families bring healthy babies into our community. 


All women are eligible to participate if they are at risk for poor pregnancy outcomes. Access to services begins with a prenatal screen completed at a woman's first obstetrical doctor's appointment after learning she is pregnant. Infants are also screened at birth to identify possible factors that could impact a baby's health or development in the first year of life. 

Services available to reduce risks may include care coordination, childbirth and/or parenting education, breastfeeding assistance, smoking cessation, nutritional guidance, psychosocial referrals, and help to gain access to prenatal and/or infant care. We also offer a breast pump loan program.


Please contact the Healthy Start Program Coordinator or call 305-676-3841.


Vitamin Angels supports Healthy Start by providing daily prenatal vitamins and minerals to pregnant mothers to help ensure healthy pregnancies and positive birth outcomes.