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Keys to Kids' Safety


The Keys to Kids' Safety Program provides community outreach initiatives and child safety resources such as educational materials and training. This program addresses vehicle and bike safety, safe sleep practices, home environment and poison safety. 

This program helps parents and caregivers to provide a safe environment to raise their children through the provision of education, support, and safety supplies. We address vehicle and bike safety, safe sleep practices, water and pool safety, home environment and poison safety, and nutrition assistance. 

We also conduct children's car seat inspection and installation events and provide new car seats for a small donation, provide education to all community members and, in some cases, cribs, and other necessary safety equipment to parents, caregivers, and agency personnel to ensure the safety of Monroe County children. To request one of these items, please click here

To find out about Keys to Kids' Safety events in your area, check our Events page regularly. For more information about the program, please contact us at 305-293-8424.

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Why Keys to Kids' Safety Matters:

In the past 2 years we have trained 7 new car seat safety technicians, one instructor, to properly install 394 car seats in the Florida Keys. We have provided families with 325 low cost or no cost care seats to keep their child safe. Over 35 baby and toddler helmets helped keep riders safe. 160 families were able to provide their baby with a safe sleeping environment with baby beds. And, to meet the needs of families who need to who use public transportation, we provided 115 stroller car seat combos.

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