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Educational Classes

In Labour

Childbirth Education Class

Learn how you and your family can feel confident, empowered, and prepared for your birth experience and beyond. These classes are wonderful for any birth, in any setting, and will help you be prepared for any path your birth takes. Birth partners are welcome to attend and learn their role in the labor and birth chapter of parenthood.

Class Topics Include:

  • Birth options, including the benefits, risks, and alternatives of various birth options/interventions

  • Creating a list of birth preferences for any type of birth

  • Communicating with your care provider

  • Stages of labor

  • Signs of labor beginning

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques

  • Use of peanut ball and birth ball

  • Upright birth positions

  • Managing discomfort

  • And much more!


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Breastfeeding Education Class

Learn how you and your family can feel confident, empowered, and prepared for your breastfeeding experience. While breastfeeding is a natural part of having a child, the art of latching the baby onto the breast is learned. Whatever your goals are for breastfeeding, this class can help you be prepared to meet them.

Class Topics Include:

  • Rooming in with baby

  • Breastfeeding positions

  • The breast crawl

  • Delaying the first bath

  • Establishing & maintaining milk supply

  • Hunger cues

  • How to know if baby is getting enough

  • Common challenges and how to overcome them

  • Getting dad and family involved

  • Bottle and pacifier use, what is best?

  • And so much more!


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Register Below Now!

Childbirth and Breastfeeding Class Registration

To register, for either the Childbirth or Breastfeeding class please take the time to fill out the information below. A Staff member will reach out to you. 

Please Note: We are asking for a suggested $40 donation per family (actual cost per family to the Coalition is $100). You are not required to make a donation to attend the class. Thank you!

Are you bringing a partner?
Please choose which class you are interesed in taking (if both, check both):
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