Tot-Swap Consigner Information

Tot Swap Consignor Instructions


The best advice we can give you for a successful sale is this: DON'T OVERPRICE your items! This is a large

Thank you for participating in our Tot Swap Consignment Sale Fundraiser! Our newer software makes consigning much easier for you. No details need to be entered; simply decide what to price your items at and order/print the number of barcodes needed at each price point you plan to use. NEW THIS YEAR is the voice-activated mobile tagging system. Easy!! 
sale with lots of good choices and the least expensive items go first. Almost all clothing items should be priced at $5 or less. In 2016, our top 2 consignors sold a combined 339 items, and only 32 of them were priced at more than $5. Even so, they still made good money from their items. 

For details on the sale schedule, go to the Tot Swap information on our News & Events page (the link is on the drop-down menu under Contact Us). This page contains the information that you need to know once you are ready to register as a consignor and start pricing.


Listen to Consignor Information Details

Become a Consignor

Consignor Homepage--Start here with your previous login credentials or new credentials.  Once you are logged in, you'll need to "register" for our sale, to proceed with getting your items priced and all other activities.  Once you have done that, you may proceed using any of the links below, or the links on the Consignor Homepage. 

If you are a previous consignor, your account information should be accessible here with the same login credentials.  If you have trouble, try the help links on the login page.  If that doesn't help, simply register again. 

Barcode Price Label Ordering/Printing

This year, all you need to do is label each item with a price barcode that you "order" through the software and print. For example, if you have 10 items to price at $3, you simply order and print 10 $3 barcodes and attach them to your items.   

Print all barcodes on WHITE PAPER, preferably card stock.  Barcodes print 6 to a page, so order quantities in multiples of 6 for most efficient printing.  If you don't own a printer, copy the files to a flash drive and take them to the UPS store in KMart Plaza.  They print for 10 cents per page.

Returning Consignor Registration

New Consignor Registration

Mailing List Signup

Set-up Appointment Scheduling

All consigned items must be checked in and hung up or placed on tables at the sale location on Sunday, September 17. Use the link above to schedule your set-up time within a 2 hour time frame that day.  We will check your items, but you are responsible to put them out neatly on the sale floor. 

People who volunteer, donate or consign are given a free pass to shop at the VIP Pre-sale.  Get your Entry Pass at your first volunteer assignment, when you check in and set up your items to consign, or when you drop your donated items off at the FKHSC office by August 25.  

Prepare Your Items

How do I prepare my toys and other items?


  • Please SECURELY tape the tags to toys or furniture in an obvious location, with clear packing tape across the entire label and plenty of extra on each side.  Make it difficult for shoppers or their children to remove your tags! 

  • For sets of toys or bedding, place them in a clear plastic bag with the tag taped to the bag with clear packing tape.  Be sure the bag top is taped tightly shut so that shoppers cannot open them to pick and choose items.  

  • Shoes should be tied together with the tag pinned or taped securely to the shoe, or in a plastic bag that is taped tightly shut.

Failure to follow these instructions may result in your items not being accepted into the sale.

How should I price my items?

We suggest pricing at 1/3 or less of the original cost, depending on the condition.  Lower priced items sell first, so don't price yourself out of a sale.

Check out this resource for pricing help and other great consignment tips.  Our market doesn't quite support the higher end of the prices they suggest, so stick to the lower end when you price your items.

Be a Volunteer and Keep More Cash in Your Pocket

Remember, if you volunteer at least 6 hours, you get to keep 70% of the proceeds of your sales, not just 50%.

We're using (the leading online SignUp and reminder tool) to organize our upcoming Tot Swap Volunteers.

Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:

  1. Watch for the link to see our SignUp on

  2. Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.

  3. Sign up! It's Easy - Your email address is requested for reminders, etc, but you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on

Note: does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact me and I can sign you manually.

Click here to volunteer with Tot Swap!

How do I prepare my clothing?

  • All clothing size 12 months and up must be on hangers. Wire or plastic hangers are accepted.

  • When looking at the front of the clothes, all clothing should hang on a hanger with the hook facing to the left like a question mark.

  • Use a safety pin or tagging gun to attach barcodes to fabric items. We recommend putting both ends of safety pins through the barcode tags, parallel to the top of the tag, to prevent damage to the clothing. Doing the same with a tagging gun helps keep tags from falling off. (Our tagging gun cost about $12 on AmazonSmile.)

  • Please mark the size of the item in marker on each item's price tag.

  • Use clear packing tape to attach barcodes to toys and other hard items, and plenty of it.  Make it hard for shoppers and children to remove the tags.  

  • PLEASE, no plastic bags with multiple clothing items.  Everything that was NOT originally part of a set must be priced individually.  

  • If you want to KEEP your unsold items, put a large red X through the Description box on each item's barcode. 

  • For clothing sets, please hang the main item on the hanger and pin the pants to the back of the top.

  • For accessories to a clothing set, please put them inside a plastic baggie and pin to the front of the outfit.

Items, where the price tag has been removed or lost, will not be sold, and cannot be returned to you, as the consignor information is lost when the tag disappears.  Please make it hard for shoppers and children to remove your tags. 

Failure to follow these instructions may result in your items not being accepted into the sale.  You may pick up the same number of hangers that you brought to drop-off after the sale.   They won't be the exact hangers, but we are trusting that everyone will take home hangers similar to the ones they brought.

Need Hangers?

If you're running low on hangers and the stores in town are all out, give us a call.  We can probably sell you 10 assorted hangers for $1, assuming we haven't used up our own supply.  305-293-8424.

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