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We are working to update this page regularly; there is much to share. If you find information you believe needs to be included or needs to be corrected, please contact our office 305-293-8424. Thank you.

30% of Florida households are walking a financial tightrope.  They are working hard, but falling short of what they need to consistently cover the basic costs of living.  Unable to save for the future, they are vulnerable to a single emergency that can push them into crisis and even poverty.

ALICE refers to the population in our communities that are Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.  The ALICE population represents those among us who are working, but due to child care costs, transportation challenges, high cost of living and so much more are living paycheck to paycheck.

Local United Ways have long worked with the ALICE population in the areas of education, income and health to build better lives.  The Report clarifies and describes the complex challenges they face and provide invaluable insight regarding how to promote policies and programs that benefit everyone.  As an organization that is partially funded by United Way, we are making this report available on our web site.

For further information on the ALICE report, visit the United Way of the Florida Keys web site.  

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Do you need a babysitter? has babysitters, pet sitters, housekeepers, and many other services! On you do have to create a profile, but it's free to join. Khassidi Marsh, her mother, and her sister work together to watch the children of Key West. If you need a babysitter or have any questions please call our office at 305-293-8424.

Visit our Keys to Kids' Safety page for resources and information on this topic.

HelpLine/211 has developed a 2017 Florida Keys Community Resource Guide.  Click on the link below for a comprehensive list of the many services available in Monroe County.  

Community Resources for families of students is available on the Monroe County Schools website.

With the cost of living in Key West and the rest of the Keys, sometimes providing food for your family can be a challenge.  If you have trouble putting food on your family's table, there are a number agencies that may be able to help.  Click on the link below and feel free to print out the list of food sources.

With 40% of U.S. hurricane landfalls happening in Florida, hurricane season can be very stressful for Keys residents, and especially so for expectant parents and families with young children. To stay safe and be prepared, families are encouraged to start getting ready now, before a storm approaches. Visit our Hurricane Season Readiness page.  

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Visit our Doctors page for a list of OBs and Pediatricians in the Florida Keys.  

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Physical developmental delays are when children aren’t doing activities (like rolling over, sitting without support, or walking) that other children their age are doing. Developmental delays can be a sign of a serious health condition, so it’s important to talk with your child’s pediatrician about them.

AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recently launched Physical Developmental Delays: What to Look For, an interactive online tool, for parents of children ages 5 and younger who are concerned about their child's motor development. Use this website to learn more about physical developmental delays for children ages 5 and under. The information is meant to help you start a conversation with your child’s pediatrician.

Remember, all children develop in different ways. This site can serve as a guide if you have a feeling that something is wrong. You know your child best.

Visit our Playgroups and Activities page for resources and information on this topic.

Most women expect that the birth of their child will be a time filled with joy, and that is often the case.  However, sometimes a mother who has recently given birth experiences more than just the 'usual baby blues'.  Sometimes, anxiety and depression are a new mom's contstant companion.  

PMAD stands for Perinatal Mood Anxiety Disorders, encompassing a wider variety of diagnoses formerly known as postpartum depression.  Florida Keys Healthy Start Coalition is passionate about having resources to address PMAD in the Keys, as it comes to the forefront of maternal and child health in our community.

For more information on postpartum depression and anxiety, visit our PMAD page.   

Visit our Pregnancy page for resources and information on this topic.

Reach Out and Read is a nonprofit organization that gives young children a foundation for success by incorporating books into pediatric care and encouraging families to read aloud together.

Reach Out and Read families read together more often, and their children enter kindergarten with larger vocabularies and stronger language skills. During the preschool years, children served by Reach Out and Read score three to six months ahead of their non-Reach Out and Read peers on vocabulary tests. These early foundational language skills help start children on a path of success when they enter school.

Visit their online Resource Center for tips on choosing books and reading to your children, recommended book lists, audio books you can listen to online with your child, recommended book lists, literacy information, and much more.  

The TEARS Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to compassionately assist bereaved parents with the financial expenses they face in making final arrangements for their precious baby who has died. Many of the founders and volunteers at The TEARS Foundation have experienced the loss of their own baby, and want to reach out in this way to support newly bereaved parents in their time of devastating sorrow.  They offer free supports groups and trained "Peer Companions" available to talk over the phone or meet with you.

Another resource is The Compassionate Friends, who provides highly personal comfort, hope, and support to every family experiencing the death of a son or a daughter, a brother or a sister, or a grandchild, and helps others better assist the grieving family.  They can be contacted at or 877-969-0010. 

One more web site with resources is  This site offers resources as well as ideas for what to say to a parent who has experienced loss.  If you have experienced this heartbreak, please don’t go through it alone.

Healing Hearts Infant Bereavement Resources program, an initiative of Cribs for Kids®, is another resource that assists families who have been touched by a crisis in pregnancy or the death of a baby.



Post-traumatic Stress Disorder can be reality after losing a baby or having a miscarriage.'s genetic counselor, Ginger Nichols, went through the unimaginable, but now she's sharing her story to help others "find the light."

Visit their online blog and web site, or read the blog entry in the downloadable files.


Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support is a community for anyone who experiences the tragic death of a baby. They serve parents, grandparents, siblings, and others in the family unit, as well as the professionals who care for grieving families. Share is a national organization with over 75 chapters in 29 states. Services include bed-side companions, phone support, face-to-face support group meetings, resource packets, private online communities, memorial events, training for caregivers, and so much more.  They have several Facebook Groups:

Open Groups:
Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support (Share informational page)

Closed Groups:
Share Bereaved Families Peer Support
Share Subsequent Pregnancy Peer Support

Key West Resources

Start by speaking with your obstetrical provider. If you aren't comfortable speaking with him, try your gynecologist, or one of these other resources. 

  • The Guidance Care Clinic - 305- 292-6843; counseling and mental health services in KW
  • Basilica of St. Mary Star of the Sea - (305) 294-1018; weekly bereavement support group
  • Arianna Nesbitt (CEO of FKHSC) - 305-923-9125; has some training through her doula certification and is willing to help
  • DePoo Hospital - 305-394-5535 x 8454;  Erin Sheehan - Social Worker/Psychiatric Nurse Manager

Visit our Thinking About a Baby page for resources and information on this topic.

Traveling with children can be fun, but it can also be challenging.  We have put together a list of resources that you might find helpful.  Visit our Traveling with Children page for more information.

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